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Intergalactic Zealot by Masterweaver Intergalactic Zealot by Masterweaver
This, my followers, is my entry Seventh Sanctum Cross Genre Character Contest. My result came out as "Intergalactic Zealot," so I naturally wandered over to the alien race generator to get (and I quote) The skeletal, armored race. Their bodies are so efficient they do not excrete. They are an all-female race. They never quit or surrender. Their homeworld destroyed, they are seeking to find a new one at any cost. Their world of origin is cold and is known for having its own special natural beauty.

Of course, I didn't stop there!

The extreme fantasy names generator not only gave this lady of war her nom de plume (Zealot Aeonfire), but also provided Mourner Steelrune, the sword strapped across her back, its title. The two other swords, the Unknowable Cutlass in her right hand and the Insane Celestial Queen in her left, got their names from the weird name generator. All three got their descriptions from the swords generator, with some cultural info tacked on by mwa.

Unknowable Cutlass: This sword has a blade with a pattern made of swirls and triangles engraved on it. The guard is circle-shaped. Its grip is formed like a keep. (Cultural info: The Unknowable Cutlass is called that because those slain by it die instantly, and do not know the blade that hit them.)

The Insane Celestial Queen: This sword has a notched blade with a gray hue to it, with a pattern made of waves and knots engraved on it. The guard is knot-shaped. Its grip is of a gray metal with a pattern made of zig-zags and arcs engraved on it. The pommel is shaped like a pyramid. (Cultural info: Named after the monarch of the starhalls, this blade's crooked design serves to remind our Zealot Aeonfire of fate's fickle nature.)

Mourner Steelrune: This sword's guard is a butterfly. Its grip is of a green metal. The pommel is shaped like a fist. (Cultural info: Every Carna'lslash (name derived from the evil names generator, with an added apostrophe) has a Mourner Blade. Only the Mourner Blade's owner is allowed to see and work the sword, even after her death. This is because it is used to fight the goddess of slaughter...)

And yes, I did goo to the deities generator and the lovecraftian name generator to find Aeonfire's patron goddess:

Ith'zaua: This goddess of slaughter takes the form of a crone. She is very tall and has an elegant build. Her wide eyes are slate-gray. Her skin forms into weapons. Her outfit is that of a knight, and it is mostly gray in color. She carries a sword. She sometimes takes the form of a monster composed of the bodies of the slain.

Granted, I didn't get to draw the sword, but you can see a miniature representation on the lower right of Aeonfire's chest plate.

SO in the end, we have Zealot Aeonfire, daughter of the Carna'lslash and worshiper of Ith'zaua patron goddess of slaughter, working as an Intergalactic Zealot to claim a new planet for her race. And, while the Zealot thing was a coincidence in the generators, I take it to mean that Zealot is her surname because she is a zealot (like King Richard). So the only question that remains, as she looks down her nonexistent nose at you, is this: Will you give her a planet, or will you die?
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