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Bionicle Masterweaver Photoshoot by Masterweaver
Bionicle Masterweaver Photoshoot
I figured out a way to reliably shoot my MOCs! Happy day! This is my self MOC, which I drew before a long time ago. It's had some modification, but mostly in the gear, not in the body structure.

This is Vzzlalzvzszmmzch, literally Makes Net Out Of Air, but he goes by the Matoran nickname of Masterweaver. He's a trader and perhaps a con man, although no cons have been successfully linked to him despite his presence during many of them. Using his species' natural talent with languages, he travels the land on his buzzing wings and sets up stall wherever there are those willing to haggle. His backpack is, through an unknown method, bottomless, allowing him to store many valuable artifacts.

Bioweaver is no stranger to danger, and he carries two weapons to defend himself. One, a combination rhoutaka/kanoka launcher, typically holds a 447 disk and fires spinners that make the target extremely open to suggestion. The other is a thornbow, which generates and launches thorns at a rather fast rate. He also has a shoulder Zamor launcher, which holds sedative-laced projectiles.

Despite his armory, Bioweaver is friendly and outgoing, making friends everywhere through his cheerful nature and quick wit. Sadly, this same quick wit is often used to get a quick widget, and newfound friends often find themselves left in the dust as he buzzes away. But when push comes to shove, he stands, protecting his companions from almost any danger. For a fee, to be payed later, of course.

((Part of the Norn Nui setting.))


Reality is Relative
United States
Who am I?

I am the intelligent, the incalculable, the incredible, the absolutely not conceited
Teller of Tales and Bard of Awesomeness!

And I'm also a black leather robe. Go figure.
Post this in your Journal with the title saying,
"I act like a __ year-old".

[ ] You know how to make a pot of coffee.
[ ] You keep track of dates using a calendar.
[X] You own a credit card.
[ ] You know how to change the oil in a car.
[X] You've done your own laundry.
[X] You can vote in an election.
[X] You can cook for yourself.
[ ] You think politics are interesting.
Total: 4

[ ] You show up for school work late a lot.
[X] You always carry a pen/pencil in your bag/purse/pocket.
[ ] You've never gotten a detention.
[ ] You have forgotten your own birthday.
[X] You like to take walks by yourself.
[X] You know what credibility means without looking it up.
[ ] You drink caffeine at least once a week.
Total:  3

[X] You know how to do the dishes
[X] You can count to 10 in another language.
[X] When you say you're going to do something you usually do it.
[X] You can mow the lawn.
[X] You study even when you don't have to.
[X] You have hand washed a car before.
Total: 6

[X] You can spell experience without looking it up.
[ ] The people at Starbucks know you by name.
[X] Your favorite kind of food is take-out.
[X] You can go to the store without getting something you don't need.
[ ] You understand political jokes the first time they are said.
[X] You can type pretty quickly.
Total: 4

[ ] Your only friends are from your place of employment.
[ ] You have been to a Tupperware party.
[X] You have realized that practically no one will take you seriously unless you are over the age of 25 and have a job.
[X] You have more bills than you can pay.
[X] You have been to the beach.
[X] You use the internet every day.
[ ] You have been outside 3 or more times a day
[ ] You make your bed in the morning.
Total: 4

Grand total: 21

Hmmm. Interesting...

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